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Get uncompromising COACHING, virtually.


Do you suffer from ACL issues? Post-surgery and want to make sure your knee is ready for peak performance? You’re in the right place.

Get out of pain and bulletproof your knees with KIME’s virtual ACL program. Designed for athletes, but perfect for anyone!

Schedule a FREE initial assessment with a KIME PT and start your journey to strong, bulletproof knees!

Custom Plan

Get a custom recovery program tailored to your unique needs.

Expert Therapists

Connect virtually with a KIME physical therapist.

Group Support

Get access to a private community of athletes & PTs.


Our program includes 1 on 1 Virtual Sessions +Weekly or a Bi-Weekly Virtual Sessions with your ACL Coach to review progress!

Get the KIME Toolkit

Join our guided program and receive these performance and coaching tools, included!

Anytime Private Facebook Group Support

Led by experienced physical therapists, in small group settings!

World-Class Training with TrueCoach

TrueCoach is built for personalized therapy coaching. Check your exercises, communicate with your therapist, and track your progress over time – in one easy-to-use app.

  • 7 days/week real-time messaging access to your ACL coach
  • 4-week customized exercise program
  • Compliance tracking with specific metrics
Working with KIME through movement, active release, exercise and BFR technology we were able to return play at a high level in MLS . 2014 winning a league championship then 2015 being Named player of the year for NYCFC. Without his work and knowledge of ACL recovery this would not have been possible.
Josh Saunders, Pro Soccer Player

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Speak to a KIME Physical Therapist FREE for your initial assessment and see if our program is right for you. No pressure, no obligation.

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KIME Virtual Coaching FAQ

What is the Initial Virtual Session for?

The first session is a coaching evaluation of where you are in our performance continuum and which K-Star Level you are suited for.

Is the Virtual ACL Coaching Program right for me? 

If you are in another city, state, or country looking for expert guidance to get you through the next steps of your ACL journey with a goal of returning to a high level performance, this is the program for you.

If you are still unsure how we can help, book your free 15-minute discovery call to chat with our Physical Therapist today.

What equipment will I need?

We HIGHLY encourage you to have access to gym equipment during the strength phase. Early phase of training can be done with minimal equipment at home.

In the KIME box, you will receive: measuring tape, RockFloss, SKLZ cones and Sportscord that will be beneficial as you move up in phases.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, KIME  training is a monthly subscription and you will have services available for the month you pay.

Can I do the Virtual ACL Coaching Program with In-Person PT at the same time? 

Yes, if this is something you want to incorporate in your training we can absolutely make this happen.

How many “Virtual Sessions” do I get a month? 

Package 1: Two 30-minute virtual sessions per month + 4-week exercise program + 7 days a week video feedback/text communication through CoachApp.

Package 2: Four Four 30-minute video check in  per week + 4-week exercise program + 7 days a week video feedback/text communication through CoachApp + KIME KIT + access to FB group.

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