Strength training doesn’t always translate to real life. Does that surprise you?

Some of the major reasons why people pursue strength training are because they want to be fit, look strong, or perform better. The question we have to ask ourselves is: does our training fit the intention? 

To answer this question, we will share some wisdom from Dan John. Dan John has had a profound impact on the field of strength conditioning as a coach, athlete, and speaker. We hosted him on Episode 18 of our podcast. Our field of physical therapy and rehabilitation needs to look to the strength and conditioning community to really understand movement, the demands on the body, adaptation, and how to help clients meet their goals. As Dan John says, physical therapy is very good in the red light situation, helping fix people’s injuries. And later, physical therapy is really good at the green light situation, which is saying, “Now you’re free to go play with tasks of fitness.” However, they often didn’t learn how to manage the “yellow zone”, the area in which the patient is no longer in pain but is not yet ready to go back to performance or fitness. The area where you need to be able to pick up four bags of groceries in one trip, but not necessarily pick up a 400 pound weight from the ground. This is where strength and conditioning specialists can help.

One of our favorite resources from Dan John is his training chart (found here). It simplifies the immense complexity of strength and conditioning into a usable tool. 

Check out the podcast where we host Coach Dan John and hear about these simple habits that can change your life!

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