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The KIME Philosophy

We treat humans, not injuries. Both the star player and the fully recovered patient stem from a healthy human being, and that’s exactly where we get started – layer by layer, improvement after improvement.


Unleash your potential layer by layer

Performance is not a sprint. It’s a race where every checkpoint matters. We start with a healthy lifestyle foundation and progressively build up to perfection in every movement.


Skill: the ability to do something well. Whether your goal is to excel in sports or get your life back, his final layer is best built when you’re at your peak condition and mobility.


Whether you see yourself that way, you’re an athlete. With the lifestyle foundation firmly in place, we can now build up the strength, mobility, and performance you’ll need to master your movement or sports discipline.


If your body is a temple, your life is that temple’s foundation. Recovery and peak performance are built upon monitoring and improving the body’s level of stress, inflammation, nutritional quality and ability to recover.

Complete, No-Compromise Rehabilitation

Maximize your health all-around and get your ability back. We’re with you every step of the way—until “I can’t” becomes I can.

Backed by science and world-class best practices, our approach to rehabilitation promises the most complete
route to your best self.

We work as a team: you, our expert PTs, and a handpicked selection of physicians, sports medicine doctors
and medical imaging services.

  • Every program is custom-tailored to your specific condition and needs
  • Engagement usually lasts from 4 weeks for light acute injuries to 9 months for post-surgery recovery

Common injuries we treat

Injury can be immediately debilitating, or it can subtly deteriorate your quality of life over
a long time. In either case, we’ll take your body to its full potential.


    Treating the pain and discomfort can often help you sleep well again. Don’t wait for weeks or months as many patients do.


    Get back to playing on the field, with your grandchildren, or simply getting up from the chair. PT can help more than you can imagine.


    Among the most common conditions in America. The right program will help eliminate or minimize the constant pain.


    A powerful physical therapy program tailored around your specific surgery is essential to fast and efficient recovery.

Success stories

We’ve had the honor of helping world-class champions, amateur athletes and everyday Californians get their performance back after debilitating injuries.


According to Faber, one of the most important components of him constantly being in shape is his SSC coach Russ Dunning. "I have a trainer called Russ Dunning who designs workouts for me," he says. "He's a physiotherapist and a really intelligent guy. He has all sorts of unique workouts for me to keep my body guessing and keep me in tip-top shape. "When I'm not in training and I'm in town, I like to go and see him at least twice a week, but it all depends on our schedules. Two to three times a week would be ideal, but it just varies with what we both have going on. "For example, this next month I'll be traveling, so he'll email me some sort of workout to help keep me in shape. We try to get something done at least twice a week." But as clued in as he is now when it comes to strength and conditioning, and how it can help him finally become a UFC champion, things were significantly different in the early days of his career, and all the way up to his rematch with Mike Brown in 2009. "When I first started I didn't do much strength and conditioning at all; it was always the applied martial arts, wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, and so on," Faber reveals. "It wasn't until I broke my hand against Mike Brown that I focused on strength and conditioning, and since then I haven't stopped. I've added it to my game now.


"My surgeon told me I needed the sur-gery or I wouldn't be able to run again," said Scotti, who had little meniscus remaining in her left knee. "My left knee was basically bone-on-bone." Doctors said her recovery time would be a year, but it actually took two before she began to work out with Physical Therapist Russ Dunning, as well as local Masters sprinter Kevin Morning. "Russ helped me enormously with my strength and gym workouts, discovered where I was weak and what to do about it," Scotti said. "I know I could not have raced again at this level without his help. Kevin helped me time my short sprints and suggested workouts specific to the 100 meters." Not only did Scotti win the 100 meters at the US Masters championships, but she also took the silver medal in the 200 meters in 30.63 and was a member of the women's 50 4x100-meter relay team, which earned the gold medal.

“I’ve worked with a lot of PT’s and my experience with Kime is a lot more up-to-date with sports performance than the others. The facilities are great because I enjoy being around other people who are active as opposed to being in an office setting. The Kime team is fun, knowledgeable, and caring. I’ve really enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to other athletes.”

Sasha Moscatello Collegiate Soccer Player

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We provide packages to keep costs affordable for those clients who need to work outside of their insurance parameters to find quality care.

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