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Kettlebell & Shoulder Rehab/Performance Program Phase 3

May 24, 2019 | Aaron Crouch, DPT, CSCS, SFG1

At this point in programming, you and/or your client have started to develop quite the Bulletproof Shoulder. The intention for this blog series has been to educate the general population, fitness professionals, and clinical professionals about the use of the kettlebell as an option to maximize shoulder health. Will this sequence of exercises build physique that the major push and pull lifts accomplish? Probably not. However, will mastery of these select and unique skills give the user longevity in their health, and fortify their body for the major push/pull lift goals? You bet they will! The 3rd phase of incorporating the kettlebell into the program is the end of the list of new drills.

Full Turkish Get-up

There is many aspects to appreciate with the full Get-up routine, which go unnoticed for most attempts. In reality, with focused attention to each step, the user’s ability to handle more load increases because there is control and scaled tension created for the task. Following the last blog post, you or your client have mastered up to high hip bridge at this point. Referencing the video of the full Get-Up will shed light on the nuances of the rest of the steps. I find that I learn best by either “doing” or “seeing”, so I will spare you from the tedious verbal instructions that could fill up this entire page. REMEMBER, the Get-Up can be broken up into many valuable drills instead of one complete move.

KB Press
Mastering the overhead movement is not only a feat accomplished in the gym, but a much needed skill for daily life. Your ability to own scapulohumeral rhythm above the shoulder, along with thoracic extension control, will greatly reduce the risk of repetitive soft tissue trauma. Using the kettlebell for the single arm military press allows for movement through an individualized groove from the racked position up to full overhead reach. Following development of the previous drills in this vlog series, especially the overhead carry, the KB Press should come naturally. When performing this skill, PLEASE perform in standing instead of sitting. Standing press allows for maximum utilization of your column (like a tree trunk!) to help stabilize under the movement, which seems like a pretty transferable skill to me. Refer to the video to see the nuances to the press, as well as a few variations to help with some of the mechanics!

Here are a few variations to developing both the skill of the Get-Up and KB Press. REMEMBER, you still utilize the arm-bar, halo, and overhead carry as warm-up or cool-down drills, especially if your plan is geared towards strength. Regardless if your plan for the day is strength, warm-up, high neuro driven, you should always have fun with various challenges in your programming.

**DISCLAIMER: These sample routines are just examples of what programming with the KB could look like. Repetitions and sets, as well as weight utilized, must be assessed for safety and appropriateness according to each individuals skill level. If unsure, seek out a qualified coach/clinician/professional for clearance on required movement criteria and baseline strength.

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