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When your movement is limited, you miss out on the experiences of life. Get an
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Expert sports medicine and physical therapy, Sacramento and Reno areas.


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Science, Discipline,
and a Good Ear

No guesswork, no maybes. Our tailored programs and educational events are results-oriented and based on the latest research in medicine, performance and rehabilitation.

We tailor because we listen. From day one, we want to understand what you need and help you improve the fastest and best way possible.

I’ve been battling foot problems for years and had tried everything, including surgery. Thought I might have to medically retire due to pain but after working with Tony I am able to return to work and participate in activities I thought I would never enjoy again.

Chris Z.
KIME Patient

Measure, Perform, Repeat

Whether you’re looking for recovery or excellence in your discipline, you need to know exactly where you are and where you want to get.

Our programs are strictly data-driven, following a proven methodology for screening your ability, movement and vitals.


Elite Programs for Recovery and Improvement

Train as an athlete, whether you’re one or not. Our programs are customized to your injury and needs, and they work – if you do. Different insurance options available.


Get better fast and for good with a complete recovery program personalized to you. Programs include manual therapy, exercises, nutrition plans, as well as a wide range of medical assessments.


Reach your full athletic potential. We’ll help you maximize your strength, speed and endurance, and perfect your movement to perform at your best when every second counts.

Dr. Mikla is a recognized sports physical therapist, performance coach, and researcher. He speaks and teaches nationally on sports physical therapy and regularly publishes research in international journals.

Meet Tony

An accomplished sports physical therapist, strength coach, and researcher, Russ comes from a background as a martial arts and strength athlete.

Meet Russ

A former NCAA Division I baseball player, Aaron is an expert physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Meet Aaron

Evan specializes in sports physical therapy, strength, and conditioning. He knows the ins & outs of injury from years of personal experience.

Meet Evan

Lauren is a human kinetics expert who lives and breathes movement. She’s an experienced physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Meet Lauren

Andrew Milton is a sports physical therapist and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Meet Andrew

Dr. Cassidy received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine. Nolan is SFMA trained and BFR certified through Owens Recovery Center and currently preparing for Strong First Level 1 certification.


Experts, Scholars, Enthusiasts of Movement

Our physical therapists have excelled in sports and worked with top athletes and specialists. After attaining the highest formal education, we’ve kept learning, researching and teaching relentlessly.

Physical Therapy for Performers*

*Individuals eager to get back their best self

Increase your function, regain mobility, get your life back. You’ll be smashing a customized rehabilitation and training program in an inspiring environment where everyone is welcome.

Professional athletes, high schoolers, busy professionals, seniors – they all say our training facility feels like home.

Improve your performance,
improve your life

Schedule your first appointment for $89 instead of $150. Insurance options available.
Our facilities and partner structures are located in Sacramento, Davis, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Roseville.

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